Whether you've played pickleball before or not, everyone will have the opportunity to sign up for a FREE introductory session. And even if you have played, the rules of the game are still evolving, so a refresher is probably a good idea!

Our "Intro to Pickleball at RECS" group sessions are facilitated by the most reputable and respected instructors in the region.

Additionally, we want to meet you, show you our new space, and find out what questions you have about being a member at RECS.

Intro to Pickleball - Free!

This class is for individuals who are beginners or have played a little pickleball and want to improve their skills. We will focus on dinking and volley skills and mechanics, serves and returns. With some time near the end to put these skills into action with play.

Taught by various Professionally Certified Instructors, including Steve Paranto, Tracie DeJager, Joy Leising, Paul Porch

Beginner Skills Series

This three class series, in which you sign up for each class individually, is the perfect next step after our Introduction to Pickleball class. Taught by IPTPA certified teaching pros Rick Hammerquist and John Bartlett. The first hour of each lesson will be spent on practicing technique, footwork, strategy and drills. The second hour will be spent putting all of those skills together while playing!

  1. The Basics: Footwork, Swing Mechanics, Serve and Returns)

This lesson will cover the basics: basic footwork, swing mechanics and grip, serve and returns, and scoring and rules. The goal will be FUN and gaining knowledge of the game. 

  1. Dinking, Volleys, Transition, Strategy

This lesson will cover several things: how to dink, volleys, transition from baseline to the kitchen, and doubles strategy. The goal will be FUN and gaining knowledge of the game. 

  1. Third Shot Drop & Third Shot Drive

This lesson will introduce the "third shot drop" and "third shot drive" which are necessary skills for advancing in pickleball. Resetting and shot selection will be covered if enough time allows. The goal will be FUN and gaining knowledge of the game. 

Pickleball for Tennis Players

Note: Please email info@WeareRECS.com if you have a group of at least 6 people who would like to take this class and we will work with you to schedule it for your group.

This class is designed specifically for people who who have played a little pickleball, but have a tennis background. Take your years of experience on the tennis court and learn how to successfully transition your racquet skills to become a confident, skilled pickleball player. In this 2-hour class, we will focus on form, strategy and techniques around dinking, volleys, lobs and groundstrokes. After diving into these areas, we will have time to put it all together and focus on strategy and court positioning during live play. You will leave this class with a clear idea of the skills needed as you transition pickleball while having a ton of fun!

Intermediate Skills Series

This intermediate level skills clinic is made up of eight separate classes is taught by IPTPA certified Instructor Tracie DeJager and is designed for players at or above the 3.5 level skill level who are eager to elevate their game. If you're unsure, we recommend that you start with the Beginner Skills Series.


RECS is now partnering with the BEST local professional pickleball instructors, all certified by the IPTPA and/or PPR, to provide private lessons.

Lessons can be private, lesson for two, or "3 & Me" in which the instructor plays in, and 4 person lessons where the instructor can help with doubles partner strategies.

Please note: scheduling and payment for private lessons is done through Court Reserve.

Stay tuned for more info on additional offerings coming this summer, including intensive camps and clinics!